To the general public, all Beetles look the same: the car is round and they will tell you there father had one just like your's even if you have a Split Window and their father had a Super Beetle. But for the enthousiast, there are many differents between all of those different cars. Here are the different kinds:

Standard Beetles (Manufactured in Germany) Edit

The Standard beetle is the original Beetle using torsion bars for the front suspension. This car is the most common Beetle and has evolved from the original Porsche design. This car was still sold when the Super Beetles were made but was the Basic model, the Super Beetle, the top of the line in Beetles. The Standard Beetle was sold in the United States until 1977.

This part is for the German manufactured Beetles only. The Brazilian and Mexican Beetles are different and are at the end of this section.

Super Beetles Edit

Super Beetles were introduced by Volkswagen as an upgrade from the original model and were sold starting with the 1971 model. This car uses the MacPherson struts for the front suspension. The Super Beetle was the first Beetle for which Volkswagen used the name "Beetle". The Standard was only known as the Type 1 by Volkswagen.

Standard Beetles (Manufactured in Mexico and Brazil) Edit

These two cars are different from the other Standard Beetles made in Germany. Most of these cars were sold outside of Europe and the United States. The parts will not always fit the German made Beetles and the quality of the parts is often not the same.