Here are some of the names given to the Beetle:

  • Käfer in Germany
  • Broscalanu' or Broscuţa (froggy) in Romania
  • Sedan, then Fusca (popularly, Fusquinha, or little Fusca) in Brazil
  • Boblen (the bubble) in Denmark
  • Coccinelle in Belgium, France and Haiti
  • Garbus (literally, 'Hunchback') in Poland
  • Σκαθάρι (Scathari meaning beetle) or Σκαραβαίος (Scaraveos meaning Scarab) in Greece
  • Maggiolino in Italy. Also called with the affective name of Maggiolone
  • Sedán or Vocho in Mexico
  • Kever in Belgium and the Netherlands
  • Kuplavolkkari (kupla meaning bubble) in Finland
  • kotseng kuba (literally, 'hunchback car') /"pagong" (turtle),"Ba-o", turtle in Cebuano dialect "Boks" in the Philippines
  • Kodok (frog) in Indonesia
  • Brouk in Czech Republic
  • Carocha in Portugal
  • Буба or Buba in Serbia
  • Escarabajo ("beetle") in Spain and Latin America
  • Peta ("turtle") in Bolivia
  • Cepillo ("Brush") in Dominican Republic
  • Volky in Puerto Rico
  • Hrošč in Slovenia
  • Cepillo in Dominican Republic
  • חיפושית ("Hipushit") in Israel
  • Косτенурка (Kostenurka) in Bulgaria (meaning turtle)
  • عقروقة (Ag-ru-ga) in Iraq
  • Bagge (short for skalbagge, beetle) or bubbla (bubble) in Sweden
  • Boble (bubble) in Norway
  • Buba in Croatia
  • Bug in the United States
  • Põrnikas in Estonia
  • Kaplumbağa or tosbağa (meaning turtle) or "vosvos" in Turkey.
  • Bogár in Hungary.
  • Cucaracha or Cucarachita (Cockroach or little cockroach) in Guatemala.
  • Cucarachita (little cockroach) in Honduras.
  • Escarabajo in Venezuela.
  • Escarabajo or Pichirilo in Ecuador
  • Weevil in Canada
  • Foxi in Pakistan
  • Mgongo wa Chura in Swahili (Frog Back)
  • Mwendo wa Kobe in Swahili (Tortoise Speed)
  • Bhamba datya in Shona - Datya is frog in the vernacular from Zimbabwe
  • Vabalas in Lithuania
  • Bjalla in Iceland
  • Volla - Pronounced Folla in South Africa

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