Barndoor Mafia : Everything you always wanted to know about barndoor buses and details of the Barndoor Collector Syndicate, commonly known as the Barndoor Mafia or BDM. Galeries and forums. USA based but operating worldwide.

Baja Club UK : Dedicated off road VW website for Baja Bugs Rails and Buggies

Split Screen Van Club : The UK split screen van club and home to the BWA (Buses With Attitude).

Super Beetles Only! : Dedicated to 1302 and 1303 models, and their owners. Active club, with a large number of members, technical articles and forums.

VW Type3 & 4 Club : Official home and forum for the VW Type3 & 4 Club.

Club 80-90 : Club for T25 (T3) owners. Great technical resource.

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