• For Love and a Beetle: A Tale of Two Journeys by Ivan Hodge and Petronella McGovern. A travel narrative, love story, and historical snapshot and for us the story of an amazing journey at the wheel of a beetle. (ISBN 1864365587)

  • Mara Moja by Lars-Henrik Ottoson. A fairly rare book (now out of print but you may be able to find copies as these sometimes come for sale on rare books auction sites). It depicts the journey in 1953 of two young Swedes, Lars-Henrik Ottoson and Bengt Lindstrom. They travelled from Northernmost Scandinavia to the Cape of Good Hope at the wheel of a barndoor microbus. Pictures of the trip feature in the book, including a few of the bus. They managed to make the whole trip and the author continued to drive the bus when they returned to Swenden.