First remove the rear hubs. The hand brake cables are held to the backing plate by a bracket and the end hooks into the hand brake lever on the brake shoe. When the cable pulls this lever, the lever pushes the spreader bar against the front and rear shoes. To remove the hand brake cable, first undo the two nuts that hold the cable at the hand brake end. Undo the M8 bold that holds the bracket to the back of the backing plate and unhook the cable from the hand brake lever. Pull the cable out of the backing plate and then out from the where it disappears into the car. Now compare your old cable to your new cable to make sure it is the same. Compare both the conduit length and the overall length bearing in mind that your old cable may have stretched. Be carefull when ordering replacement cables - even cables slightly wrong will make it difficult or impossible to get the adjustment right. If the cable is the correct length, grease as much of the exposed cable as possible then insert it back into the conduit under the car. Pull the end, at the hand brake section, making sure that the cable comes out in the correct side of the hand brake. Feed the other end into the back of the backing plate and hook the washer on the cable onto the bracket so that the washer and the spring stay inside the drum and feed the bracket through the hole, securing it and the cable with a new bolt and spring washer. Hook the end of the cable on the hand brake lever. Back inside the car, feed the cable through the hole in the hand brake, making sure the cable is engaged in the channels under the lever base, fit one of the nuts back on the cable then see adjusting hand brake. The rear brakes should be adjusted at the wheels before you try to readjust the handbrake.