T411 - 4 door version. Note the Cosmic aftermarket wheels.

The T411 was the first car produced by Volkswagen with a Monocoque body. It was introduced in Europe in 1968, and in 1972 it was suceeded by the T412 model. It was a luxury car at the time, and was quite pricey. The newly designed engine was better than the original Beetle engine (Type 1 engine), and the car was capable of crusing at much higher speeds. The engine was still at the rear, and under the bonnet there was a large luggage space. The suspension was advanced, a fully independent suspension (trailing arms/springs at the rear and Macpherson struts at the front). The cars also had an Eberspacher petrol heater, with a timer control as an extra (so you could set the heater to come on at a certain time!).

Early T411s had large single headlights, later ones had twin round head lights. There were three body variations, the 2 door Squareback and the 2 and 4 door Fastback.

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